Windows Version Recommended! No audio crackling!!!

It's an unforgiving world we live in...

And much in the same way, the internet is a savage and unpredictable place, with a prime example being the oodles of click-bait horrible ads sprinkled through-out it.

It most definitely wouldn't be a good idea to let your life sway with every suggestion of these dastardly advertisements.

But it might be fun to try!

In this game, you do just that! With your goal being to try and stay alive for as long as you can, passing the time only by enthusiastically accepting the internet's many suggestions for better living!

Proudly brought to you by:

Programmer/Assistant artist/Game designer/The Best guy: Biebrass

Artist and a lazy on at that: Ignas

Composer/Writer/Assistant artist/Animator/Game designer : Hitmanatee


Lying Ads 33 MB


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there is nothing you can do to stop yourself from becoming lonely and ugly

So when I try replaying the game the sober bar drops to 0 and I lose again

Cool game.

My highscore is 135940


Yeah the score I got

This is a really fun and simple game! 

btw my high-score was 59780!!