Sadly but I can't let tutorial video in so here's a video: 


Move: ASDW

Shoot: Left Mouse Button


1: Gun

2: Watering pot

3: Seeds

4: Food

5: Scissors

Select inventory: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Take water: Space (near water) only with watering pot
Water a land: Space (near dry land or land with pinkish bar) only with watering pot
Plant seeds: Space (near first pinkish bar) only with seeds
Harvest plants or cut dead plants: Space (near gold bar or dead plants) only with watering pot
Eat food:  Space (only with food)
Buy seeds: Space (near car)

How to harvest food:

1. Fill watering pot with water(You can do it by selecting watering pot and going near water and holding [SPACE])

2. Bring watering pot to dry land and by holding [SPACE] you will get wet land.

3. Plant some seeds (on first pinkish red bar) 

4. Now pinkish red bar means that you need to water it. Green bar means it's growing and you need to wait, for pinkish red bar.

5. When gold bar lights up you need yo take scissors and cut it.

6. If you fail to harvest food or water it, the plant goes dead and you need to cut it with scissors.

Buying seeds: 

Car arrives every 1 min, it will ask you 1 life point for 4 seeds, press [SPACE] to buy it. Don't forget to keep some health or you going to die.


It's 2D top-down shooter, survival. The world is made from tiles 16x16 and has 8-bit music/ sounds. You begin as character Donkey. Your main job is to survive a zombie attack, plant some plants that give you health. The only way getting seeds is, to sacrifice your life part.

This project was made in 2 days for Ludum Dare 44:

Development log

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